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The story so far

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Hello! Time for another update!

NeoTokyo hasn't completely managed to die on us, we entered the community tournament called Nine Sisters. Unfortunately due to scheduling we only managed to field 5 out of the 6 required players. The participants fought bravely and died.. a lot. From what I hear we could have easily have done well if we had our 6th. Personally I was not able to play because of issues with steam after the L4D2 preload broke it, which just makes me rage like a butterfly! If there is a second league, which there may very well be, we will most likely enter again.

At least we got this from Alone, one of the people arranging the tourney:
"And we apologize to DTE once again. The team that participated the most in Nine Sisters got shafted terribly because of the schedule change. Unfair is an understatement here =P"

Further, L4D2 has been released and several DTE have it, we have had quite a few games. It is good in many ways, and there are only a few things that I see as a step in the wrong direction from L4D. The biggest issue seems to be stability, which has been lacking somewhat. Several games have been cut short due to crashes and bugs, a frustration to be sure.

Soldat, the good old multiplay side-shooter is seeing another DTE revival. Get your soldat at http://www.soldat.pl. I am hoping to put up a mini-tourney in it again at the start of next year, so make sure you know how to aim that M79! More on this later, I will make sure I can host a stable server for the players etc before I start the ball rolling.

Our lvl 99 tech wizard mosimo has set up these fine forums for us after some... trouble.. with the last ones. They are looking pretty as ever! Thanks mos!

Otherwise, things go on as per usual, some of us have been enthralled by Dragon Age, others stay with their addictions of WoW, AoC and other such weird fetishes! As always, remember to drop by IRC and chat a bit when you have the time! DTE is nothing without its members!


"It's only hubris if I fail." - Gaius Julius Ceasar

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