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Right, as you have probably noticed DTE looks a bit different. We're now running on a fully licensed version of vbulletin 4. Half custom style, a few mods for now. Hopefully everything has ported over ok. There are still a few things that need doing which I'll list below. One issue with the convert was that it didn't want to copy over peoples avatars :D

You will need to do "forgot password" for your account. Due to the way the passwords were stored (encrypted like the should be), they couldn't be straight copied to VBB into a normal password then encrypted again with a per user salt string.
If you fail at getting your password back or you've changed your E-Mail get get on irc and give me a poke and I'll sort it out.

Can't remember everything That's new from mods n stuff but here is a quick list:
  • Tapatalk so you can easily view forums on a android/iphone/nokia/blackberry - http://tapatalk.com
  • New style
  • Youtube embedded videos (should auto parse them in your post
  • Better spambot detection
  • Seperate sticky/regular posts so you can easily see which are which
  • Auto image resizer - So it doesn't kill the style with oversizes images that spud posts. You can click them for the fullsize image
  • Portal page
  • Some forms thing we'll use for game template later on
  • Tabs thing which I'll add soon


  • Change a few colours from blue to DTE green
  • Edit the stats template at the very bottom of the main page
  • Change a few other small icons
  • Edit a few images for the WYSIWYG editor (the new thread/reply bit) so you can see what you're clicking
  • Smilies
  • Top tabs + sub links (I have it on, just not added them yet)
  • Member list so it shows individual ranks
  • Omens SC2 uploader
  • IRC new thread announcement
  • Err's definitions + searching in forums
  • Re-organise the forum layout (categories and stuff)
  • Create template/forum for new game announcements

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Cool, good effort! I will start sorting out categories, groups and users tonight.

"It's only hubris if I fail." - Gaius Julius Ceasar

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