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Application process cleared up

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As we are more a community of friends than anything else it is important to us that new members fit in well so the main thing you need to do is be around to chat and play games. There are a few other things though, so follow the guide below and you really can't go too wrong.
  • Read the rules HERE.
  • Be on IRC as much as possible. I know it is mentioned already in the rules and I'm repeating it, but it is our main place for keeping in touch with others rather than on the forums. It's where we all got to know each other and there are often requests/invites to start up games there and then. If you're not on IRC you can't be included.
  • Make a post in this forum to let us know you are interested in joining the clan. It can be as as long/short/detailed/whatever as you like, but do it in such a way that we get an idea of what you are like.
  • Once you have posted you will be assigned a mentor and will be put onto a trial period. Two weeks is a good guide to how long it will last but this may be reduced depending on your activity and how many members you know already. During this period you should direct any questions to your mentor or any of the leadership while getting to know as many people as you can. Members will also give any feedback about you to your mentor during this time.
  • At the end of your trial period your mentor and the leadership will make a decision whether you fit in or not or, in some cases where activity is low, if we should extend the trial. Once you have been accepted your access will be upgraded and you are allowed to use the DTE tags in any games you play.
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