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Sub Rosa

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Lobotomy Lobster

Lobotomy Lobster


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Official Site: http://crypticsea.com/subrosa/
Genre: 3-Team gangster FPS
Developer: Cryptic Sea
Release date: Out now, currently in open Alpha


Sub Rosa is a round based gangster FPS. Each round, the 3 corporations are given a mission based on the game mode. They then have 6 minutes to deal with, ambush and double cross each other in order to bring the most money and items back to their base. Its very early days at the moment and the city is pretty bare but the game is already shaping up to be something special.

Game Modes
One team starts with the Disk, one team starts with the 2 to 4 blocks of Cash and one team starts with nothing. All teams know who owns the disk but the Disk team doesn't know which team has cash and how much they have. Any items in a team's hold at the end of the round count towards its' bonus.

3 Way Transaction
Each team owns one Disk and is tasked to collect one of the other team's disks. While collecting either disk will earn money, the bonus is far greater for getting the disk you were asked to get.

2 NPC driven limos, each carrying a Disk, will try to leave the city via the subway tunnels at the edge of the map. Kill the drivers and collect the disks. The round ends when either on the timer or when the NPCs leave the map.

Cars meet up at a set location and pass waypoints on a set track. The first team to get a car through the circuit wins. The first team to fire gets hit with a $10,000 fine, which always happens when some idiot fires their pistol. Don't be that guy.

Cash makes the game go round. Each round you will get a bonus depending on how well your team did last round and how many shares you have. If your team got nothing last round, you get nothing. If you survive a round then any items on you will be carried over to the next round. Your cash and shares are saved on each server, so if you regularly play the same server then you will quickly reach the point where you have a lot of cash coming in.

There are a variety of automatics at varying levels of cost and quality. Currently there are no other weapon classes. The pistol is free but is also totally crap.

Hurt players will sometimes start bleeding, which is indicated by blood coming out of the player and his health counter turning red. Bandages obviously can heal other players if they are bleeding. You CANNOT heal yourself. You can heal other team's players, so use this to your advantage.

There are 9 different cars in the game, each with its own handling. At the start of each round, each team will get one bog standard car and one bog standard van. A number of smaller Metros will also spawn around the map. Players can also buy their own cars but they are pricey and come with a car key. Once the key is lost or the car is destroyed it is gone forever. You can steal other people's keys and spawn with their car in the following round. You can transport players from other teams and you can shoot your God damn driver so look before you shoot.

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    Robot Veteran

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A few pointers:
The team leader (the one with most money) can execute teammembers during round start. They are then fired from team and cannot rejoin the team. Thats how you deal with griefers.
Try to deal rather than fight. Its more beneficial in the long run (make friends, not enemies)
Remember you can duck by looking at your feet when in a car. That makes it nearly impossible to hit you. This also works when hiding behind cars (ducked)
When doing deals position yourselves near a corner. Let the others duke it out if fighting starts. Move in an finish off the survivors.
Firefights are best done at distance. Most people dont know how to aim and take bullet trajectory into account (bullets are very slow) Which means if you know how to snipe. You win 99 out of 100 duels at distance of more than 50m.
Learn to shoot! Take single shots, only full auto when aiming for people less than 15m away.

I have done a bit of testing with weapons. Testing range (in city blocks) and shooting cars (how many hits to make them explode)
  • 9mm: 50 hits to kill a car. Range of about 1 block. But accuracy is an issue when fighting more than a few metres away.
  • Magnum: 13 hits to kill a car. Range of about 2 blocks. Accuracy is better than 9mm. But due to slow rate of fire and low ammo I wouldnt recommend it at all.
  • MP5: 50 hits to kill a car. Range of about 1 block. Accuracy even worse than 9mm. ROF makes up for that in close quarters. This is the best weapon to do a driveby or take out limos with.
  • AK47: 15 hits to kill a car. Range of about 2.5-3 blocks. But bullet drop makes it hard to hit anything more than 1.2 blocks away.
  • M16: 20 hits to kill a car. Range of 3-4 blocks. It is accurate at distances far greater than firefights are ever gonna occur in, the bullet drop is a lot less than other guns. Also bullet travel time at 3+blocks is measured in seconds.
Most firefights happen at .5 city block sorta distance. They start out closer but people quickly move out to that distance. So essentially all weapons are useful. BUT! AK47 does way more dmg than the other guns and has high ammo capacity. So that is the gun I would recommend for most players.
MP5 is great for shootouts between cars. But otherwise not to be recommended.
And M16 is to be recommended to those who are good at aiming and predicting peoples movemenets (1 shot to the head kills) Simply because the standoff distance makes for firefights where the other team will always loose. (I have won 1 vs 8 situations simply because I kept my distance with this gun)

Hail the empire.
Screw the emperor.



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This is kinda how the game feels at times.
Posted Image

Hail the empire.
Screw the emperor.

Lobotomy Lobster

Lobotomy Lobster


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I was going to post a guide post but that pretty much covers it. The best strategy in this game is to offer to deal and be good to your word most of the time. Trustworthiness and goodwill will be remembered by other teams in later rounds and people will often side with the team that they like rather than the team that they logically should side with.

The one big bit of advice I would give is to not go anywhere near firefights in a vehicle. If people are shooting then keep at a good distance and if a battle erupts around you while you're parked then get the hell out of there ASAP.

Also run FRAPS if you can because some crazy/really stupid stuff happens in this game

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