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ArmA2 ACE General

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Lobotomy Lobster

Lobotomy Lobster


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Official Site: http://www.arma2.com
Release date: Out now

We've been having regular ArmA2 session for the past couple of months and we're now looking for more players so we can start doing 8+ man missions. The idea is to get regular sessions going so we can get more players and cut down on the length of sessions by making sure everyone is modded and working before we start.

What is ArmA2?
ArmA2 is a ground warfare sim for all things ground, such as infantry, tanks, helicopters and rabbits. Its the most realistic game of its type bar none. Generally we play small missions with 4-8 players that are usually just small patrols ambushes, house clearing and heli raids.

What is ACE?
ACE is a mod that plugs into ArmA2 and makes the base game a lot more realistic. It adds things such as realistic first aid and casualty dragging, much more detailed weapon ballistics and handling, better AI, loads more guns, working in game radios, artillery and a ton of other stuff.

Isn't this game scary / boring / full of Russian nationalists / makes you do duty on Sunday?
ArmA2 is indeed a very realistic game (with mods at least). However, it is not hard to pick up and once you get the bug there is absolutely no other game like it. As mentioned earlier, we go for small, simple missions and generally we suck so you're not going to be massively out of your depth compared to the rest of us if you're a first timer. We try to play with some fairly basic tactics based on real life but this is a work in progress and new people will be walked through it all before we start.

How can I play?
  • You need ArmA2 Combined Operations (this includes the base game and the add on pack which is needed. Note that you do NOT need the DLC packs such as British Armed Forces and PMC). The best places to get it are GOG.com and Steam
  • Get the latest beta patch (beware that your mileage may vary with the newest builds. If you have any troubles then get help in IRC)
  • Getting Arma2 fully modded is complicated. We have a full thread for doing it here which we keep updated with all the mods we are using. With the exception of ACE we try to run light on mods as it keeps things simple and means people don't have to keep installing new stuff. If you need help then ask in IRC or in that thread.

How can I not suck?
  • Read this (ripped from Broteam):
    Posted Image
  • And then read this. It goes into basic infantry tactics in a lot more detail and will explain most of the basics to you which will get you running at the same speed as the rest of us a lot quicker.
  • Shoot more

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Lobotomy Lobster

Lobotomy Lobster


  • Veterans
  • 1071 posts
With that spiel done, we need to find out what days and times people are around to play. Generally early to mid evening on Fri, Sat and Sun seems to be best for most people. Mosi generally can't play on Friday nights and I generally can't play on Sunday nights.

With this in mind, I want to start having occasional warm sessions on Wednesday or Thursday where we can spend half an hour or making sure everyone's mods and ACRE are fully working and maybe going over some basic tactics, possibly with some coaching on target range maps for practice.

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