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Moving forward

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Fellow DTE'ers.


I have been leading DTE for a couple of years and have been rebuilding the clan out of it's dying state in 2000(ish). I stepped down and gave leadership to Rymdkejsaren due to personal issues I had to take care of.


Briefly I took up leadership again to help out when RK went on his voyages, I never wanted this to be a permanent thing and leading DTE with Dani was short lived and fun. I enjoyed the communication with Dani and her fresh ideas (although at first troublesome at my end :D).


Today I want to step down from leadership of DTE forever, I had my share of leading for a lifetime :D It was an enjoyable, frustrating, emotional and hard path I took upon myself and enough is enough. I love this clan and all it's members and it is a suitable time for me to join the veterans once more and forever.


I also want to take this opportunity to appoint my successors, which I truly believe are well capable and proven their worth over many an occasion. Mosimo and Shinobi will from this point on lead DTE together with Dani. I also know that in the past there was some arguing about a triad leading the clan, though these three people are more then capable to take on the task. I am sure most of you will agree with me.


One final thing I would like to say to the new leadership: Do not turn DTE in an IT costumer service center :D


Have fun,






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Thank you oMeN for all the time and effort you have put into the clan, and thank you for trusting me with the responsibility of leadership.


As for myself, I will be busy with my newly found life for a while longer. This summer I have no permanent place to stay so I will be on and off. With everything else going on, gaming has taken a second seat and as a result I will act as a Lieutenant for now. The plan is to go back out in the world in autumn at which point I will likely join the Veterans again.


I am not sure whether my leadership days are over because I have no idea what my future will bring. What I do know is that I will always come back to #dte to chat or hang out when I have time and opportunity. See you around!



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Thank you Omen, for helping make DTE what it is today. Having been here from the start I can't imagine it was an easy decision for you to make to step back completely =) And despite the bumpy start I enjoyed working with you and it gave me chance to get to know you as more than just a name that's been around forever!
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I would like to Thank Both Omen and RK for their Brilliant leadership over the years, I think I can speak for us all when I say its a Privilege to be offered leadership of the Clan. no doubt there will be more posts about this in the coming weeks, but if anyone has any issues or whatnot please get in touch.


Mosi and I have decided to Ban Cyruz and Pax for having better internet than us... that’s fair right?

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Can't even remember a time like that, but the first bunch of years I was lazy and stubborn. Didn't want to register on the forum, slacking around at irc was enough but I think I can only remember times when RK was listed as leader. "One final thing I would like to say to the new leadership: Do not turn DTE in an IT costumer service center :D" I thought it was one already, and that Mosimo accepts payment in the former of gummybears or beer. I guess I've been misinformed yet again.

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