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Android stuff

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Being the sort of games designed for a mobile OS, I don't think anything I'd mention here would be worth a specific thread, but I thought I'd go through a list of interesting stuff...maybe it'll just end up being a bookmark thread for me :P


First up, a game I bought on steam and then Android last night... Delver




Basically, it's the dungeon exploration element of minecraft, without having to dig into the places.  It uses randomly generated dungeons too, so hopefully that should keep it sort of interesting.  The PC version is £6, and whilst it's still under development, I had a few issues with jerky movement and hits registering.  The Android version actually seemed a lot more solid and enjoyable to play, and was £1.30 :P



I mentioned Rymdkapsel in another thread:




It's pretty fun, probably best to check out the page for a better understanding of gameplay, it's a little like a tower defense, but with more active management of resources.  



Super Hexagon!




It's fun and the music is good.  Ask Mos. 

Terry Cavanagh also released Don't Look Back:


Which is a pretty basic game in itself, but for a mobile game I found it pretty fun, and it definitely gets more difficult.  (Descriptions do neither justice, people should just play games by this guy and assume they'll have fun).



Into the Dead is a pretty fun first person runner game




If you're looking for something "deep", don't touch this.  I find it a nice distraction as the gameplay is very basic.











I figure I'll update this if I find more stuff, or feel I've omitted things.  Feel free to post your own suggestions, I want more things to play :P





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Spirits, Waking Mars, Eufloria.

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I'll vouch for Super Hexagon. Still playing it today.


Since droidfanz went down I don't think I've actually got any new games.


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